Having already attempted to qualify for a loan and experiencing rejection, one might feel defeated and discouraged from the home buying process. Determining which loan options are right for you can be complicated, and if you’ve gone through the application process already only to be denied, the idea of refinancing might seem daunting. HMS Capital Funding is here to help make sure such obstacles don’t stand in your way of securing a home.

The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) was developed in an attempt to offer more Americans the opportunity to refinance their homes who have a higher loan amount in respect to their overall home value. With such benefits as substantially lower closing costs, and sometimes no need for an appraisal, the refinance process with an HARP loan is much cheaper. Here’s a little more about HARP loans and how HMS Capital Funding can help you take advantage of them.

How It Works

The most important aspect of determining if an HARP loan is right for you is figuring out if you meet the requirements for eligibility. For recent homeowners with Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae loans who remain up-to-date on their monthly mortgage payments, yet who have little or no equity in their homes, an HARP loan might be the best fit. To determine if an HARP loan is right for you, contact our staff at HMS Capital Funding for more information.

Save Money on Monthly Payments

HARP loans are well-known for saving homeowners a significant amount of money in monthly payments. With an average of almost 200 dollars per month saved, home buyers who take advantage of HARP loans can reduce their monthly financial expenditures significantly.

Qualify Even with a Low Credit Score

The terms under which an applicant can qualify for an HARP loan are relatively minimal, and they are designed to give more people the opportunity to purchase a home in areas like California where the housing market has recently exploded. For many prospective buyers, their credit score is what stands in the way of them buying the home of their dreams. With an HARP loan, you can qualify for a loan with a credit score in the high 500s!

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